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 Lonely Gun 

"I'm feeling lonely like a gun,  can you fix me?"

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All About Syd

Syd Sister is a UK Solo Artist from the South Coast, who is insistent on bringing good music to the mainstream with a unique twist. His songs carry that 90's Britpop spirit. They tell the tales of the mundane day-to-day struggle, with music as the only outlet.


‘Lonely Gun’ is Syd’s latest single and is due for release July 10th. What is a lonely gun? Nobody really knows. But it is up to you to solve the mystery! The killers of many world leaders and celebrities all tie in to the story of a man plotting his next move.

Are these killings all connected? Or is it just the story of a desperate man trying to find his place in life and to leave a legacy in the history books.

All will be revealed.

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