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Refuse to pay by card

Updated: Jul 7, 2020

Yes I know, you've heard it before. They are trying to turn everything into a 'cashless society.'

Well, I'm afraid to say that this is the truth.

If anyone could please explain the reasoning as to why shops, bars, restaurants, and cafes are now "strongly advising" that we all pay by card, then I am all ears.

But no reason has been given. Have you seen any evidence as to whether COVID is transmitted via notes and coins? I haven't. And that's because that evidence does not exist.

They are simply using this excellent chance to accelerate their plan to introduce a cashless society.

I would understand if there was a genuine reason for such a rule. But the transmission theory is quite frankly utter bullshit.  If transmission was such a danger, why are we still allowed to pick things up in shops?

Shouldn't supermarkets have a dedicated member of staff available to distribute items to minimise the risk? Shouldn't we ban glass beer glasses and use plastic cups instead?

No, it's clear to see that something bigger is going on here. The government are desperate to implement as much complicated ambiguous legislation as they can. But here's the thing... These guidelines are not mandatory. They are simply advisory. But many businesses are terrified of the threat of losing their licences, that they simply feel they have to try to comply.

So what do we do to try and suppress the digital currency revolution they are clearly desperate for?

The answer is simple. Refuse to use establishments that have banned cash. (An excellent opportunity to support local businesses who will happily accept your hard earned £5 notes!)

If your local Starbucks insists you use your contactless card, simply smile and say you'll be taking your business elsewhere.Refuse to pay by card

I don't think any of us truly realise what a Cashless society would mean. But it would definitely ensure that they have even more control. We must fight back and refuse to allow this to happen.

Right now, we are making it far too easy for them.


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