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When Should Lockdown Be Lifted?

Updated: May 29, 2020

It's a question that will continue right until lockdown is finally lifted. But many are now calling for an end to lockdown.

It comes after posters were found circulating on Facebook promoting mass gatherings across the UK on Saturday 30th May. The post read: "All faith has been lost in our government. It is quite clear that it is one rule for them and one for us. The lockdown is wrong and we should not except the new normal."

The mass gatherings are being held across the UK but the most prominent seems to be in Hyde Park, London. A similar protest was held on the 16th of May.

There has been much support for this event on social media and many have voiced their views on the current lockdown in the UK. Many other countries across Europe are several stages ahead of the UK and look to be coming to the end of the pandemic.

Slovenia recently announced that the pandemic was over and opened their borders once again. Italy will reopen their borders for tourists on the 3rd June, along with Iceland and Spain. 15th June and 1st July respectively.

It is clear that the UK is far behind other countries when it comes to resuming normal life and these protests have come at a time when much faith has been lost in the governments handling of the situation.

What are your thoughts? Should lockdown be lifted, or is it still too early?


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