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Why wearing a mask is a waste of time

As we all know by know, the UK announced that wearing face masks on public transport will be mandatory from the 15th of June. Quite honestly, I am stunned. This announcement has done nothing more than to highlight just how much of a shambles the UK government is.

It’s been 3 months of utter confusion, lack of leadership, and indecisiveness, that has led the UK being left behind in the race to beat the coronavirus.

Just as countries across Europe start announcing the easing of many measure, the UK implements more restrictions.

So here are three reasons why the new face mask rule is a complete waste of time.

1) The horse has already bolted

Let’s be honest. Wearing face masks should have been mandatory back in March. You know, when every other country made people wear masks. Countries all across Europe have been removing many restrictions, while the UK has been acting far too late. Just like with the quarantine rule. Why would you wait until the 8th of June to bring in a quarantine that should have been in place from the very start. Just to put it in some perspective, here is the UK compared to other countries.

  • On June 3rd, Italy will open it’s borders for tourists. The UK still will not have implemented any quarantine measures.

  • 15th June, many EU countries will open their borders and life will almost be back to normal in those countries. The UK will bring in the face mask rule at the same time.

  • At the end of May, Slovenia declared an end to the pandemic. At the same time Boris Johnson allowed Dominic Cummings to make a mockery of the pubic and their efforts during the pandemic.

The government is a complete shambles. They have failed to act and seem incapable of making timely decision with clarity.

2) Lack of public information and knowledge

There is a clear lack of knowledge when it comes to masks and many people are wearing them incorrectly. This clearly will do more harm than good. We don’t even know how effective they are. There are many claims that if not worn or maintained correctly, they can actual cause more damage by harbouring bacteria.

3) Bogus science and backtracking

I just don’t get this science behind this. Maybe because there isn’t any. Just like with the 2 metre rule. Some people say it should be 2 metres, others say 1.5. Who knows? It all feels a bit like guesswork. Maybe Boris is just making it up as he goes along and hoping he hits the jackpot at some point. It’s been a whole pile of confusion and backtracking. Only recently, the government claimed that masks weren’t effective. (I won’t even go into the ‘herd immunity’ fiasco.)


Maybe the government believes this is a strong move that will bring some belief back to the public that they are in control of the situation. If anything, it has achieved the opposite. It’s shone a glaring light that we as a nation are light years behind the rest of Europe. For now all we can do is sit and wait for the next shambolic show from our main man in charge. No dither or delay. (Except for anything COVID related.)


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