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Will The Beatles ever be forgotten?

The Beatles have left a timeless legacy. They churned out more classic hits than any artist in history, created an unprecedented fan frenzy known as Beatlemania, and moulded the way music is written and produced. Therefore, the question of whether they will be forgotten may seem crazy to ask. But is it possible that one day, the Beatles’ legacy will not have the same impact as it does now?

As we all know, trends come and go, and the industry is forever adapting and evolving. However, no matter what new style is in fashion, the Beatles are always there in a way. Their music has filled so many people’s lives that I think we sometimes forget just how uniquely accessible it is. You could ask people of all ages, races, and music tastes, and they would all have their favourite Beatles song. And here lies the true magic of the greatest band of all time. They carved such a strong imprint in the halls of musical fame that artists simply can’t help but be inspired by them. A prime example is my new single release. Right from the first note, you can hear their influence and I like to think of this track as somewhat of a tribute to Lennon. (For those interested, you can listen to the track here.)

Think how many other artists there are who, like myself, grew up immersed in the Beatles universe, deeply touched by their music. This is why songs with tributes to any of the Fab Four will continue for years to come. And here lies the answer to the question of the article. With musicians continuing to carry the torch The Beatles passed on, we are ensuring that people never forget the timeless classics they churned out at ease. It appears that this respect and recognition will continue through to generations to come.

Bands come and go, and these days nothing seems to last long. Nonetheless, what the Beatles achieved was beyond incredible, and I genuinely believe that they would have been just as successful in any era because they were simply that good. And if you want any more evidence they will always be considered as the greatest, simply look to the number of records they have set, the most obvious one being the 17 UK No. 1 singles (2nd only to Elvis).

So I think it’s clear that The Fab Four won’t fade into ‘Yesterday.’ Nor is this ‘The End.’

Strawberry Fields Forever.

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